Game Rules


General Rules of Play

  • 16+ ONLY! ALL PARTICIPANTS will be required to provide proof of age upon check-in. If you are under 18/over 16 and are registering the day of the event or have an incomplete waiver, a parent/guardian MUST accompany you to the check-in to sign your waiver.  No exceptions.  Kids under 16 are allowed to spectate and hang out at the starting point.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS –  No signed waiver, no proof of age, no participation.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Review the rules for Humans AND Zombies
  • TWO HAND TAG! Zombies must use BOTH hands in order for a tag to count. If there is a dispute, please refer to a Monitor instead of fisticuffs.
  • Do not trespass onto private property.
  • STAY OFF THE RAILROAD TRACKS.  Railroad tracks are private property and you MUST stay off of them.  If you are caught using the railroad tracks you will be ejected from the game.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • Do not run across our neighbors’ lawns. This is trespassing and is disrespectful, so stay on the sidewalks. We don’t want to hear reports of any property damage.
  • Be respectful of our neighbors.  Don’t go on their property and if someone asks you what you are doing, explain to them this is a game and move on.
  • Stay on sidewalks AND stay out of the streets.
  • You can not tag a human while they are in a crosswalk.
  • This is a dry event. Do not bring alcohol to the game.  Do not bring any illegal substances either. This is NOT a drunk-fest.  If you must have alcohol to have fun, please stay home.
  • If any staff member believes you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or witnesses you with alcohol or drugs, you will be kicked out of the game.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  OUR DECISION IS FINAL!
  • NO weapons of any kind! (real or fake)

Safety and Survival Tips

Safety is the #1 concern. Do NOT do anything that will put yourself and other participants at risk of bodily harm.

Remember, if you get hurt in the game, you get hurt in real life. No one else is responsible for your behavior or your safety besides yourself. Basically, it’d be great if no one has to go to the hospital that day so don’t be “that guy.”

  • HYDRATE! Bring water with you!
  • Wear reflective gear/clothing.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. All streets are open to traffic.  PAY ATTENTION!
  • Do not run or chase someone into oncoming traffic. The safety of you and those around you is more important than worrying about a Zombie attack.
  • Do not attack anyone. TWO-HAND TOUCH ONLY
  • No weapons of any kind including replicas/toys during game play.
  • No alcohol/drugs.
  • Keep a cellphone with you in case of an emergency.
  • Keep an eye out on the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Try to stay with at least one person! Sounds lame, but the buddy system is a good thing, especially if someone gets hurt. Remember, you only have to be faster than the slowest person you’re with.

Remember, the fire department and EMS have enough job security dealing with dumb people who hurt themselves doing dumb things. Let’s not be those people. Use your head and play safe.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding on this matter.